Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome Home!

Being from a military family, having been a military wife, and now currently a military girlfriend, you learn the struggles of living the military lifestyle.  It is not the easiest job.  It takes a special someone to deal with the long nights apart, the long work days, and the cons of being a strong, supportive person for that service member.

I was given the opportunity to capture the moments of a husband and a daddy coming home from a long nine months in Afghanistan.  Their story was a heartfelt and beautiful one.  These two love birds fell in love and got married.  She was a single mom and he came along and took the reins and became the father to her son and the story continues to get even more beautiful.. She got pregnant!  This time with a little girl.  She had always wanted one and the good Lord above granted that to her.  The sad part, daddy was shipped away for nine months.  Mommy went through this pregnancy, raising a toddler, and going to school all on her own while he was away.  I don't know what else to call that other than she was super woman! He missed the delivery of their baby girl.  It's apart of those sacrifices I was telling you about.  But, never fear, I was there to capture his first glance at his baby girl and boy did it bring tears to my eyes.  I couldn't cry or I wouldn't have been able to capture the special moments.  It was an amazing experience!

I would like you to meet the Coleman family.  

Waiting patiently for daddy.

Seeing his son and meeting his daughter for the first time.

Each moment was a beautiful one... This family was a beautiful family!

Welcome HOME Soldier! Thank you for your service!