My Life

This is my life.

I am one of those people with all these dreams and goals, so many so, that I get lost in trying to accomplish all that I want in life.  I always hear live your life to the fullest, life is short.  Let me tell you, I'm trying.  I need to start realizing that it may be short but I have to take things day by day and enjoy the ride.

I'm a mommy, a cook, a photographer, and a crafter.

I got pregnant with my baby girl in the fall of 2009.  I ended up marrying her father and we managed to make it three years.  Those three years, although there were some good times, sent me on a whirlwind of emotional distress.  I became the most insecure person.  I was always an outgoing, lively, strong, independent person until the moments I was broken down to nothing.  I took a stand and decided enough was enough.  I filed for divorce December 2012.  It was by far the hardest and toughest decision I had ever made.  I knew in my heart I did everything in my power to make it work but in the end, the happiness and well being of our daughter was my top and most important priority.  

I can't say life since the divorce was/is easy.  I deal with a lot of financial distress and anxiety.  Being a single mom is not an easy job and I'm not sure it will ever get easier but it IS rewarding.  I try my hardest to provide for my daughter, our daughter.  I am going to school to better a life for her and me.  Ask me what I want to be? I have no clue.  My biggest downfall is I'm too scared to follow through with my dreams at heart.  I tend to blame it on everyone and everything else but the real meaning behind it, I'm too scared of failure.

There's a brighter side to my life...

I met somebody.  Yes.  That is correct, you read that right.  In all the uproar of the divorce and dealing with my own demons, I always thought, nobody is going to want to be with somebody who has a kid... who has "baggage."  But boyyy, was I wrong! 

Here's our story...

It started out as my friend texting me one day.  She pretty much demanded me to go on this double date.  It was during the fair and rodeo time and it was a double date to the rodeo.  If you know me, you know I can't stand horses or when they rope those baby cows.  It makes me so sad.  Plus the anxiety of being around a bunch of people had me so worried.  I set all my problems aside and went for it.  I told my friend I would go.  BUT only as a friendship type deal.  I don't want him to think I want anymore than that.  Well, me and him started talking on facebook, then texting, comparing life stories.  Friendly talk.  It came down to the date.. DUN DUN DUN! I tried everything I could to get out of the date.  I said well, I don't have a babysitter.. He said, thats ok, if she doesn't sit through the rodeo we'll walk to the fair and she can ride rides.  Impressed much? Oh yeah!  I pack up me and Avery (my daughter) and we head to the 'ol rodeo! Get this, we meet, and he does not say a WORD to me! The most he said was I'll get Avery some cotton candy.  I was like this guy right here.. hahaha!  The date was over.  We still talked and chit chatted.  But I most defiantly kept my distance.  He invited not just me but me and Avery over for dinner.  From then on we have clicked and everything is going perfect.  I think sometimes its too perfect but I'm not going to think too much about it.  I'm just gonna let things continue to roll the way they are because I thought I was happy before but I had no clue!

*We need pictures done, don't judge* 

My life in a nutshell is a rollercoaster of lessons learned and memories being made.

I decided to blog because sharing my love for life now is the best gift I can give somebody else.

Let's get to photographing the world around us, crafting, and cooking like the next Betty Crocker. :)

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