Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crazy Louisiana Weather

All winter I wished for a White Christmas.  I never got my White Christmas because I, well, live in good ol Louisiana.  My wishful thinking was enough for me though.  I kept telling everyone, it's going to snow.  Of course, I got the most awkward looks and even some laughs.  I just said, you wait and see.  Well, guess what?! Louisiana got SNOW! That's right! It wasn't the like other times.  Falling from the sky but not sticking.  We got 5 inches of snow! Now, you may be thinking, if your a good ol northerner, that isn't anything.. But let me tell you, we were in a state of emergency! Everyone freaked out, schools closed, businesses closed, roads closed.. We had a snow day!! It was amazing! It was so pretty.. Being a photographer at heart.. I bundled up my little pride and joy and we had some snow fun photoshoot! 

Yeah, she griped at me the whole time. Mommy, I'm COLD! This resulted in only getting a couple of pictures. But boy was I proud of them.  I haven't got them developed yet but when I do, I'm thinking canvas prints! **Copyright Alicia Warfle Photography**

Not only did I pull my beautiful daughter out.... I even got a picture of my cat! Her name is Delilah. She is quite the weird one.  She is like a dog in a cats body.  She is an inside outside cat. She prefers outside till she gets hungry.. and then, she runs to the door, meows till I let her in, eats, and heads back outside.  She isn't a very good 'hunter' so I guess that is why she has to come home to eat. Here's her picture..

**Copyright Alicia Warfle Photography**

Ok.. So now down to business.. We not only got one beautiful day of snow, we got three! I was about tired of it after day one.  I will say, being from the south, I wanna stay in the south. One day of snow was enough for me for the year! haha! I will visit it all day everyday but you will not take this southern girl out of the south!

Up to date.. Spring is FINALLY here! I could not be more excited to see blooming trees, rays of sunlight, birds chirping and bees buzzing. The pollen though, it has me sneezing, running nose, eyes watering.  I'm not sure if I'm crying or seeing double. haha! But its here! Here we go again, I pull out my daughter again and start snapping pictures.  She is defiantly a goofy goober! She couldn't be serious in front of the camera if I asked her to.  She is defiantly a center of attention, go getter kinda gal!

**Copyright Alicia Warfle Photography**

In case you are wondering, because you're like me, a stay at home mom with a camera.. I use a Nikon D3000, 50mm lens.  Settings were 1.8f and 1/500.  All shot in manual.  I will post about shooting manual another time! In the meantime, Ya'll have a blessed day!

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